Original Designs from Sketch to Final Concept  

Photograph by Kareem Thompson


Graphic Designer / Illustrator

What I Do


Designed By DG is my company in which I work as a solo act creating Graphic Design and Illustration needs for Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, Non-Profits, Authors, and much more.

I’ve created everything from Logos, Book Illustrations, Websites, Advertising Campaigns,

Apparel Design, Textiles, and Package Designing. My work starts from sketch to
completed design, drawing original content to truly customize and create your idea.
I also provide Art Direction 
and assist with brain storming to help you flesh out your concept

for an effective visual. 

Who I Am

My name is Dionna, I am a Visual Artist from New Jersey with over 8 years of experience within Branding & Illustration work. Coming from a creative family, drawing was a natural talent. I continued my artist development with a BFA in Graphic Design from Montclair State University. With that experience/ education &  talent I’ve been able to use art as part of business development. Being able to see your artwork become the face of a business, the cover of book, on advertising materials, and apparel brings me joy (Pats self on the back). I’m still always pushing for further knowledge & opportunities to grow.  


Some of the things that inspire my artwork include plant-life /nature. Drawing floral patterns is one of my favorite things to illustrate because of the color palette is so versatile. I also enjoy drawing reflections of my self and culture. Natural Hair/Afro’s , Bamboo earrings, large lips and brown skin. Creating representation of my community with bright vibrant colors and thick line work as well as working with companies that align with my beliefs.